Misericordia interview

Interview with Mélina

What is your job in Misericordia?

I am Misericordia workshop’s chief. I coordinate the Misericordia
team: dressmakers, cutters, embroiderers, assistants… I do so to be aware of everything. I replace Aurelyen when he is away and keep him informed of daily workshop’s life.

But firstly I’m a pattern maker, The pattern maker of Misericordia. I convert Aurelyen’s drawings into patterns so that his creations can be made by the dressmakers.

Your career path?

Misericordia is a big project, a big part of my life, really… I was there since the beginning of the adventure. I was at this time a simple pattern maker. Misericordia was a real challenge… a mountain that I had to climb step by step with the support of Aurelyen. I never thought I would be able to fulfill all those tasks and get to this point. I had a huge lack of self-belief, but Aurelyen believed in me.
Here I grew tenfold my skills, my knowledge…everything in me!

Here I’m not only a simple pattern maker of any textile company…No, I’m the pattern maker of Misericordia. The pattern maker of a talented team which creates magnificent garments sold in the entire world and in high fashion places!

What is your favorite piece of clothe?

Hard question! I like a lot of them! I really love the men’s jackets “La Mano de Dios” and “Esquina”… I would like to make those pieces for women! I love also the cardigan “Favorito Dama” of the new collection summer 2009.

Your life in Lima?

I live with my mother and my brothers in San Martin de Porres, more or less 45 minutes by bus from the workshop. I love my home because I can rest there. During the weekend I like to stay home, enjoy my family and take the time to relax... and go to the movie theater or dance salsa all night long because I love it!

What do you think of Peru?

My country is quite privileged because we have everything! Mountain, jungle, sea, plain... But it is a country where it is hard to live. It is an everyday’s fight. A lot of people here don’t work to live but to survive. However, I love my country and I’m proud of it. Misericordia is a perfect example of what we can do here. I think Misericordia is a reference for the entire team.

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